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here I present my work. I create dioramas in the time period of World War II and everything only in the scale 1/144.
My main focus are tanks but from time to time a take a look at submarines, interesting airplanes and small ships.

Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

Back from vacation

So the summer time is over for me - as far as vacation is meant. The vacation with the kids from Switzerland was amazing. But not only that I had a nice time with them, they brought me some foam plates and other stuff which is hard to get here.
Anyway, I promised to publish some better pictures from my last photo shooting. You remember this grey unclear picture I posted. 
So what was it? Yes it is an American Bunker from World War II.
The Bunker is located close to San Francisco and was if I’m right a kind of command post for the big guns at the entrance of the San Francisco port.
So here are some more pictures. I know the quality is not that good, but that day it was fucky and raining. I hope you like them anyway.

Here is the link to the folder with all pictures:

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