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Batterie Gneisenau German Railway gun operated by the Kriegsmarine 49/52

Actually a friend of mine asked me to design the German railway gun Kurze Bruno. I do not know why, but somehow it changed very fast to the so called German Batterie Gneisenau. These were very reliable guns from WWI and found their way to the German railway. Why they are called Gneisenau, I have no idea, I remember the Gneisenau used these 15 cm guns on the side artillery too, but I believe it is just as many Batteries or Bunkers got names.
So these 4 guns were put on platform trailers and used during the WWII in the area of Cherbourg in France. There they got destroyed shortly after D-Day. Special is the fact, that the they got operated by the Kriegsmarine and not by the Wehrmacht.
If you look for pictures from the original gun, then you realize that there are not so many pictures. Finally I was lucky and found some good sources from where I could take the details I missed on the only drawing I found.

Here is the list of all sources I justed:…