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collecting ideas for a tank workshop

Hi all,
I need your help and feedback. I would like to build up a German tank repair shop. So I'm thinking about what all could be found there? I will start the list with some details but please spend some minutes and send me your input too. Many thanks in advance.
What would I see at a German tank repair shop? - a crane - a welding unit maybe with two gas bottles - a ramp - a lot of boxes - old and new spare parts - gun barrels
- recovery tanks like the Panzer IV, the Bergepanther or the Bergehetzer
- no Berge-Tiger, first there were only one or two, located somewhere in Italy and then, the crane   
  they had was good for everything but not for recovery - ???

My very own tank :-) M5 Stuart

I live know for nearly one year here in California, but that we have a reall WWII tank in town was new for me. First I thought it was a joke but then I went to this park, and yes on a corner there it is. A original American M5 Stuart tank. Okay, if you once had a chance to see a German Tiger or the King Tiger in the German Tank Museum in Munster, you will think, this is more like a can. The tank is in a good condition, everything outside of course is moved away and it looks like the engine is missing too. With the color I have some problems, for me it looks like green instead of the old olive green what I saw on other old tanks but I like him. So as he is in my hometown, I will call him now my own tank. I hope you will enjoy the pictures.