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1/144 field fortification for Vierlingsflak 13/52

Everything started with a small picture frame which I had left. Basement is a piece of white cardboard, so that I could build up everything without always using the frame.

For the open field fortification I used a silicone form which I had made some weeks ago. For the cast I used a type of liquid porcelain, which I always use if you need very detailed surfaces. The landscape is done with "Das Modelliermasse" the clay I ad used several times in the past. The advantage is, that it longer flexible and lighter than plaster.
the open field fortification

Half a day later, the grass is glued and everything is dried. The fortification is big enough for a 88 Flak. On the corners you can see one disadvantage of the material, it bends the cardboard.
Adding a small tree and a bit of foliage to bring some life on the diorama. the entrance area has changed, I took the concrete away and added some wooden profiles. Here you see my new Flak 41 in action.

For the final version I placed a Volkswage…