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Last Tiger in Sicily, part one the history background

Last year I spent some days in Sardinia and while I enjoyed the sun at the beach I had the idea for a new diorama.
To build a Siebel ferry had a high priority on my to-do list, but so far I always had some problems with the design. Back from vacation I took the old files and decided to do everything fresh from the beginning. Together with a very good book I was able to finalize the design. During this process I contacted the German Forum Marinearchiv, where I got the right help and a very important hint! The ferry I was looking for, was not a Siebel ferry, it was a „Schwere Fähre 40 s.F.40“ and it had a name: „Hai“. The dimensions are different and with the name I found more about the life and destiny of my ferry. So here are two pages with more information about this type of ferry:,11254,11287
Shapeways was so friendly to print it in the first attempt without any problems. From several books and …