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Rübezahl a German Traktor for the Luftwaffe

At the moment I design a lot of small items for my airplanes.
Besides all, I realized that there are not that much vehicles to move airplanes on the ground.
You could use the Kettenrad, you get one with every set of the Messerschmitt 262 you buy from Trumpeter.
Or, if you do not mind the small difference in scale, from the German company Wiking you could buy a Lanz Bulldog or Hanomag R 16 tractor. 
Or, what I did, you design soimething very special, what is not so well known.
The company Famo knows everybody, they built the strongest half chain mover, the SdKfrz 9.

Here some examples of the big Famo:

Not so known is, that Famo started building a small mover for the farmers. This Traktor called Rübezahl, was a very strong one, in relation to his size. Even later in the DDR they built him some additional years after WWII. Here the first pictures from my design:

In the next weeks I will get it printed in 3D, if anybody is interested in buying it, let me know and I will put it on sale at Shapeways.