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What's next?

At the moment  I build again a small diorama. I tried a different material to form the house fronts. So far I;m satisfied with the results. I only have to finish painting and have to decide which tank will be presented.

As I started with 3D printing, one of my first trials was a 5 ton Bilstein crane. In most cases it was fixed to a Buessing truck and not to an Opel Blitz. But for a test and as I do not have a Buessing or the Einheits truck I use one of my Opels.

Now for a much longer time on my bench, I have this unfinished Bergehetzer.
I started and then stopped with this project last year. At the moment I think about doing all needed parts with 3D printing so that the model will have a chance to get finished this year.

More progess with my first British tank crews. I urgently need them to finalize the diorama with the Cromwell recovery tank and the Scammel wrecker. Let's see how long it will take.