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Famo with crane

There are several versions of the Famo with crane. First of all, the version with the Bilstein crane and then of course the version with the more heavier 10 ton crane. But besides these two versions, there were several field modifications. So today I can present another field version of a Famo with an 6 ton crane. 
This crane saw action with the 27. Panzerdivision in Southeast-North Russia. There the German mechanics built up this crane and used it for maintenance and tank recovery. 
My crane is build up with some 3D parts which should have been for something total different. But once printed, I saw that the design would not work in the way I thought, so I came up with combining several parts I had on my table and created this very special Famo.

Of course, everything I wrote about a real existing Famo with this crane is nonsense, but anyway I like my version.