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1/144 Sonderkraftfahrzeug 9 oder kurz Famo mit 40 ton Winde // Famo with 40 ton winch 23/52

Famo, special field conversion with 40 ton winchFrom time to time I visit in the internet this WWII forum. It is always my number one for inspiration and for research for my projects. So I found there only one picture, but immediately I liked what I saw.  In Russia the Wehrmacht converted a Sdkfz. 9, a so called Famo to a special recovery vehicle. They removed the platform and everything else and added, mostly from a Bergepanther, a 40 ton winch to recover tanks on the battlefield. As I have an existing Famo design, it was easy to stip it down and to add a 40 ton winch, like the one, used on the Bergepanthers. As there are no more details and information, I added what I thought, makes sense. If you like to read about the original version, here you can do it:

I added the winch to the Famo; fitted it into the frame. I m not sure if the Famo really had a spade, but i added it, so that it looked a bit better. P…