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German railway gun Kurze Bruno Kurze Bruno Eisenbahngeschütz 33/52

Because a friend asked me to do a version of the German railway gun "kurze Bruno", I decided to take this challenge and to design it. I can tell you, it was a mistake :-) It took me several weeks to get the design in a way that Shapeways agreed to print it. More than 9 times I was forced to change or to add or to reinforce the structure. Anyway, the result was it worth! Not only that the detail even in white natural versatile plastic look great, the price was okay as well. Together with some details you have to add, you will get a wonderful model with some functions. On the gun are some details missing. Missing to give you a chance to add them, depending from the time you want to show. During my research I found a lot of pictures with different details on the gun itself. For all other situations I hope to have covered them. Enjoy my first railways gun "kurze Bruno". 

Here are some resources where I took a lot of inspiration:…

1/144 Panther somewhere in East Europe 32/52

While I wait for my next delivery from Shapeways, I show you again one of my Mini-Dioramas, which you can build in less than a day. Basement was an empty old food box, filled with Paris blaster. The ways were made with a screw driver. The bunker is a piece of wood. For the turret you can use nearly any Panther tank turret. Painting, adding some green and everything is done.

Deutsche Version
So zwischendurch während ich auf eine neue Lieferung von Shapeways warte, möchte ich mal wieder eines meiner Mini-Dioramen vorstellen. Das Modell ist auf einem Gipsabguss einer kleinen Lebensmittelverpackung aufgebaut. Die Laufgräben habe ich mit einem Schraubenzieher eingeritzt, der Bunker ist ein Stück Holz und oben drauf kommt der Turm eines Panther Panzers. Alles noch etwas colorieren und mit Bepflanzung verschönern und schon ist das Diorama fertig.