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Crossley RAF Crash Tender

I am a bit pride, this is my first complete lorry I have designed and printed and it works in the first attempt. 
The Crossley crash tender was a widely used lorry on all air fields, even the US used it, as they had not that much fire trucks when they opened their first air fields in GB.

So here are some sources where you can find more information about the Original.

link 1Link 2

On some of the pictures you can see two other lorries. The GMC was used by the US Air Force, but it was more the second attempt. The first fire truck they used does not fulfilled the job as good as needed. Therefore they used the well proved GMC and put a much bigger tank on it.
I used one of the new Revell GMCs as they come in parts and I just added the 3D printed structure. The British lorry will be converted into a real fire engine in the next weeks. So be surprised.
To buy the crash tender, please follow this link