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1/144 us engineer set with Caterpillar grader 41/52

If you look for Information about Caterpillar grader you could read without a break for many months. But for their first (or one of the first designs) it is much harder to find enough Information to create the 3D file. So I had to search a lot and then I found a really nice Video on YouTube and then some technical files which allowed me to design it in 1/144. Because of the print restrictions from Shapeways I had to reduce the design to the maximum of details which they could print. So the model gives you a whole bunch of opportunities to pimp the model with several additional details.

and here the youtube Video:

To give you some input about details which you could add, follow this report about the 1/35 Version from plusmodel
At the moment you will not find the grader in my Shapeways shop. Reason for that is, that I think about doing a complete set with several trucks from the US Army Engineers.

1/144 DUKW in waterline version 40/52

I recently finished an old design, which I had never finished as I had some mistakes inside the design. 
I wanted the DUKW not as a complete truck, instead I wanted the waterline design so that I could build Dioramas with the DUKW inside his main element, the sea.