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small diorama for lonesome Brummbaer

The Brumbaer was a supporting tank for the infantry so I should add a lot of soldiers and other vehicles. But as I here just wanted to try out some technics for water and tree building I decided to add the Brummbär.

The second diorama shows again a Brummbär, this time in a town area with some ruins I had built a long time ago.

new trucks for my army

You never have enough trucks. Esspecially Rommel while fighting tín the dessert faced this problem. The german africakorps had everything to bring to the frontline by trucks as all attempts to use trains failled. Actually they habe been bombed by the RAF. So fighting at the Alamein line the trucks needed more gas than they could transport.
So here my new Merceds trucks, they are all from Panzer Depot .