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1/144 Vomag 15/52

Today I present you my complete Vomag truck family. Over the last weeks I created several new designs and variants from the Vomag trucks. Vomag was a famous truck and tank producer during the World War II. 
Here you find more about the Vomag truck company: Vomag

Here the pictures about all variants I have:

new Marinefährprahm 14/52

English version new version of the German Marinefährprahm MFP
One big interest, at least for me, are the different types of German landing crafts. As you know, I have already a lot of them, so it was a good opportunity for me to get two new modifications. I bought via a big electronic platform two new versions from the Marinefährprahm. Made with Resin and more in the scale 1/60 than in real 1/144, they present a new version. At the back they have the additional platform for the 2 cm Flak and the closed wheel house.

my new MFP, F 617, "Alles Gute"

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pionierlandungsboot 41
Marine Artillerie Leichter MAL 1A
Infanterie Transporter
Sturmboot 42
Marinefährtransporter Type DM minelayer
Pionierlandungsboot 39


Russian Bunker II 13/52

I decided to put the Russian Mg bunker on public, so if you like it, you can buy it right now.

Deutsche Version
Russischer Bunker der Stalin LinieIch habe den russischen Bunker zum Verkauf freigegeben. Weitere Modelle werden in den nächsten Wochen folgen.