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WIP German Panzerfabrik in 1/144 // neues Diorama, deutsche Panzerfabrik 46/52

The idea for this diorama came into my mind, when I saw something similar, but it showed more or less only a wall and two German Elephant tanks. My storyboard goes that way: The German company Alkett got the order to build a heavy Möser based on hull from the Tiger I.  On Wikipedia they write like new superstructures should be used, I have in mind, the Wehrmacht sent damaged hulls to Alkett to convert them into the so called Sturmtigers.  By the way, the official designation was  Sturmmörserwagen 606/4 mit 38 cm RW 61.

About the creation of the diorama:Basement is again one of my wooden frame from the one dollar shop (thanks god I bought more than 30 of them before we left the states). The walls are wooden pieces, the floor is printed paper sheets from the Busch company. The rails for the crane are two pieces of wood and of course a lot of paint. final course, filling up the diorama with detailsThe frame / basement belongs to my big amount of unfinished dioramas. The picture below shows…