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1/144 Marinefährprahm and Artilleriefährprahm 20/52

Finally I finished working on the two German landing crafts. At the moment I have to clean up my desk and then I will go back to some tanks and other long time projects.
The first video shows the Marinefährprahm Type D in the standard version, later they got more and more weapons.

The second video shows the Artilleriefährprahm, Type D but this time I painted it in a 3 tone camouflage as used in Norway.
Sorry that the video is not that clear. I will replace it in the next days with a better version.

1/144 Sanitätsbunker German Hospital at the Atlantic wall 19/52

The Germans built thousands of Bunkers during WWII. As the Germans are very pedantic, they created lists of bunkers for different use. These Regelbauten had nearly any type of Bunker on the list. Even Bunkers to provide water were planed. Besides these exotic types, there were more practical and useful types. One type I liked so much, that I built it. It is the Regelbau 639, grosser Sanitätsunterstand, a field hospital. Many of them were on the Atlantic wall in France.

Here you find some nice pictures of a Sanitätsunterstand  R 639

Here you find general information about German Bunkers and the different types of Regelbauten:

The model was built on a kitchen plate we had left. The front is a MDF part, which I cut to the correct dimensions and painted with Grey colour. The rest are Standard parts which you could g…