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Poll for addon set 20/52

Wird geladen...

New Addon Set for 1/144, Panzerzubehör in 1/144 19/52

Several month ago, I designed a small add-on set with some parts to pimp Panther tanks.
Mostly for my own purpose; I never thought about selling it. Then I got a request from one guy, who asked if I could add some more stuff and everything in a built on position. After some trials and discussions we came to a solution he liked. Based on his feedback I played a bit around and tried to add even more small pieces.
Below you will find the results. Not everything works fine, the German Gewehr 98 which I designed was a fail, while the MP 40 worked out perfectly. Even the Tellermine was a success. The two German Panzerfaust designs, I had them done with older designs, so they were just added. Besides all the fun with these parts, please take care, they break very fast, they jump on and off your table and even more, they fall down. I just learnt, that it makes sense to clean the floor, so that if you search, you find only the parts you are looking for. 

I will redesign the set in the next days, …