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Launch tower for the Bachem Natter 12/52

Today I was surprised to see, that you can buy again some older sets from the Asian company Fox one. Teh reproduce the two launch towers for the Bachem Natter.
At the beginning the Germans worked with an wooden design to start the Natter.

Later they came up with the steel frame tower which was installed close to Stuttgart in Germany. Several of these launch towers should be installed to allow a constant start of Natters, but the end of the war came much faster. So here is the second set with the steel frame tower:

Both sets can you order online, for example from here:

Or if you prefer my solution, then you can buy my launch tower here:

NSU Springer in 1/144 part two 11/52

The design for the small tank is done and everything optimized for the frosted Detail material as the standard white material would not allow all the fine Details it needs here. Here are some pictures of the printed / painted models. 

Below you can find some more Facts about this "tank". As many last minute projects it was not very successful.