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Tank wall to protect Switzerland against Germany

During this summer we made a lot of bike tours around the area where we live. As this is very close to the river Rhine, which is the borderline between Germany and Switzerland, you can see a lot of Swiss Bunkers. On one of these tours we found something very special. In the middle of a small village I saw the rest of a tank wall to protect the valley against German tanks. This wall, made from concrete is in between the houses and not very easy to discover.  The village Zeiningen is one of the entrances to go deeper into Switzerland. If you take a look at Google maps, you can see it. The other entrance would be Magden, and there you can find a tank wall to close to open area, several Bunkers on the side of the valley and some really big dragon theeths. With this Link History Magden in WWIIyou get more information about the history of Magden during WWII.
In Zeiningen you can find this tank wall, or how it is called in German, Panzermauer. I found on the internet, that there must be more Bunk…