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M7 Trailer Family + first American radar system // M7 Anhänger + Varianten sowie erster amerikanische Radar 48/52

It is Trailer time!
There are still a lot of trailers, which are missing in the 1/144 world. In the last weeks, I worked on a complete family of trailers. The M7 was the basic design for several sub-groups of trailers for very different use. From the smoke units to make something invisible, to the M7 with the Radar unit on it to detect something. All designs are based on the original American technical handbooks. To the family belong the following pieces:

-          M14 trailer, with canvas

-          Smoke unit

-          SCR-784 Radar unit

-          M22 trailer with enclosed platform

-          M17 with M 55 AA gun

-          M17 with search light

-          M17 with generator

The M55 comes without the tubes, as I thought, everything I can print, is still too thick. Therefore use a very thin piece of plastic or wire and it will look much better.

The second new model is a set, the U-car tractor with the SCR-584 Radar unit on a special trailer. 

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