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Best place to store and present my tanks - tank shelf for my 1/144 tanks

Anyway if you collect tanks, ships,or airplanes, one question we all have! 
What is the best solution to store your collection and to present it. 
Over the years I found some nice boxes, where I was able to store my tanks. For the dioramas I use shoe boxes. So everything is fine. Or not? Actually I felt more and more the need to present at least some of my tanks. But everything I found so far was ether to expensive or to small. From Daiso, a Japanese Store I got some nice displays, but there I could store only 5 or maximum 10 tanks.
By an accident I found the solution for my problem. Ebay, or better Dennis!
He is the solution to all my problems (regarding to the storage problem :-) )
He sells hand made shelves via Ebay, and right now as I got my first one, I can say, the quality is extremely good and even much more important, the shelf has exactly the dimensions I wanted to have. That is no wonder, as Dennis is specialized in custom orders, built to any buyers specification. Any scale or a…