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Kilometer Zero a short trip to the beginning for the WW I Front line

Thanks to a friend of us from France, we went yesterday to a very interesting location. The beginning of the front line in World war I between Germany and France. This so called Kilometer Zero is located close to the Swiss border and at the time the war started, it was a triangle between Germany, France and Switzerland.
A French organization started to restore the old Bunkers and Fortifications from WWI and to present them to the public.
Okay, at the moment it is hard to find them inside the Forrest, but you can see, that they work an better signs and a better guide. As the are all volunteers and do not have much money, you have to be patient. 
Here some impressions for our sightseeing tour.

Close to the small village Pfetterhouse you find the fortifications of France, Switzerland and Germany.

A picture from a recent event

At the entrance to the Forrest you can find this sign with the locations of all Bunkers and Fortifications

A German pillbox

a second pillbox, but in a much better condition