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1/144 Leyland Hippo 10 ton truck and Coles Crane 27/52

The idea for for the Leyland Hippo was more love on the first look than a rational decision. Even I still have / or want to follow the wishes from some of you, I decided to go with this British lorry. First I really like the lorry; it is a nice looking design , secondly I do not have so much British tanks and lorries in my collection. So why not a New British lorry? The Leyland came late in the war and is not so popular like the 2 axis designs. The version with the Coles crane was existing in Malta and was used by the British Army. Maybe I will find later a nice trailer, so that the lorry will come later in a double pack.

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Eher spontan habe ich den Leyland Hippo gezeichnet. Eigentlich sollte ich erst einmal meine ganzen Versprechen einlösen und angefangene Ideen fertig umsetzen. Aber ich fand den LKW so interessant, dass ich nicht widerstehen konnte. Dann die V…