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1/144 German Reichsbahn and their special waggons AA-service 45/52

Transports by rail were during WWII one of the most important ways to bring everything what was needed to all fronts from the production plants inside Germany. As the Americans started bombing the German infrastructure, more and more Trains got directly attacked. Therefore the German Richsbahn looked for a easy to adopt solution to give the Trains a minimum of protection.
This has nothing to do with the German Panzerzüge. The Wehrmacht was owner of the Panzerzüge, but here we talk about the Reichsbahn.
So they came up with two types of armed trains. Both were eaysy to adapt and were based on existing material.

1/144 Autocar with Ponton trailer 44/52

More American stuff on the way.

Below you will see the first pictures from my new pontoon trailer. In general the US engineers used the Autocar tractor. So to complete the set, I have to build a new version of the Autocar tractor, for the pontoon set they had a big wooden box behind the cabin.
So I will change the design a bit and you can build a complete Autocar set.