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ammunition train in 1-144

I was able to finalize my last diorama. The train is done now and waits together with his crew for the first ammunition to be picked up.

Above: the back side of the diorama with the bunker.

 Above: the train and the waggon, a flat bed type with side walls. The scale is 1-144 and the rails are built for 750 mm gauge. The window is only paineted.

Above: A German Opel Maultier brought some special stuff and blockes the way for the train.

 Above: a good view from the top.

 Above: see the signal for the train crossing.

Above: The loading zone with the Opel Maultier.

A train for my Bunker

here a first update on my experience to build a train in the scale 1-144. I will paint everything in the next days and will add some more details and hope it will look not too bad.