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Infanterietransporter in Finnland 40/52

From the Finnish WWII Archive I found several pictures with naval themes. As I had two Infanterietransport ships unfinished on my bench, I decided to build again a new diorama. So this was diorama number 6 I have started. The good news is, that I finished this diorama and even added some soldiers to show a bit action on the diorama. The small house is a laser cut kit I bought on the internet. The rest is either 3D printed or handmade. Finally one one ship made it on the diorama. 

Here you can find pictures, data and much more information about this type of landing ship: here, for the pictures you have to go to the tab "Bilder und Grafiken". Both versions of the Infanterietransporter can be bought via my Shapeways shop:
Infanterietransporter I Infanteriettransporter II

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Deutsche Version
Das Schiff habe ich bereits in 2 Versionen gedruckt, aber bisher noch nicht die Muße…

Russian tank train 39/52

Today I present an armored Russian train, actually it is a locomotive and tender. The second version is the same set, but this time as an exploded, destroyed version.
The original train saw action with the red army and as a "Beute" with the German Wehrmacht.
I painted both versions in black, but I believe the Russians used dark green as well.

russian train set I

russian train set II

Deutsche Version