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Welcome to Germany or crossing a river with the M2 ponton bridge // neues Winterdiorama 3/52

I decided to build again a diorama with bigger dimensions but still fitting into a shoe box.
The theme is the use of my M2 ponton bridge system. The scenery plays around the operation Bodenplatte (the liberation of Bastogne). 
The basement is a MDF plate which I had left over. The banks are made with gypsum and snow powder. The water is made with some stuff, I had left. And that was the problem, initial I planed a summer theme, but the water was first clear but then during the drying process, it got milky. Therefore I changed from summer to winter time. with my snow powder I covered everything and added several trees to imagine the feeling of a forest. The tanks are from Dargon, the M2 is my own design.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Deutsche Version Mal wieder ein Diorama fertig bekommen. Auch dieses gehört zur Serie, schon lange angefangen und nicht fertig gemacht. Doch jetzt ist es fertig und es gefällt mir re…