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Vietnamese Tank Museum 37/ 52

As promised here some Pictures from the Tank Museum, which I visited during my vacation in Vietnam.
It is not a real Museum, it was more a Collection of any kind of US scrap they had found or catched. The intention was to show all visitors, look we besieged the US Army.
There were no Action to conserve the tanks, some of them even looked like everything possible had got stolen.

But in any case it was worth to stop there.

new set of Minis, new 1/144 dioramas 36/52

Even if you collect tanks in the scale 1/144, it can happen, that room and space becomes a topic for you. For me, it is already a topic, my four shelves are full, the space for additional Marinefährephams is gone and for new dioramas? Forget it. So I had this wonderful idea to start building real small mini dioramas. Besides space they have the advantage, that you can finish them very quickly, most of them I built in less than a day.
So today enjoy the first selection of my minis.

Basement for all is a small canvas, which I buy in a 10 pieces set.
The outside dimensions are 5 x 7 cm 

If someone is interested in getting a better description how I built them, please leave a comment.

1/144 Werfer position in a German town 35/52

While I still have to finish other projects, I will present you an older project, which I never sold to the public. In the beginning you were allowed to print several even small parts in one order. Later the figured out, that this was too expensive. With my old design, I had several small rockets, the wooden boxes and other stuff, all in just one order. Today you would pay a fortune to get it printed.

By the way, the ruins are 3D printed as well, but I already changed the design, as I was not so satisfied with the result
Here, you can learn more about all the different German rockets.