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1/144 Marinefährprahm typ D, a German landing ship 15/52

I' m going to build again a ship! Because of a request from a friend of mine, I changed the design from my Artilleriefährprahm to the "Standard" Prahm. So this is then a Marinefährprahm Type D.
The difference was that this type had the task to transport troops and tanks. The Artillerifährprahm was designed to give heavy artillery support. The Marinefährprahm was designed for landing Operations. The Marinefährprahm had a ramp, so that tanks and other vehicles could leave the ship directly on the shores. At the design of the Artilleriefährprahm, the ramp was closed and welded. The guns and flak changed constantly because it depended on what was available or what was planed. So in the first design a 8.8 submarine flak ( because several of These were left from the submarines) and two machine gus on the back were the only armment. This changed during the war and the Marinefährprahms got more and more guns and even several vierlings flak.
Later even the Marinefährprahms got guns…

1/144 Tatra truck with two versions in 1/144 14/52

I had to wait a bit before I could start publishing this new set. With the first print, somehow one front wheel got lost. But now it looks like everything works perfect. The Tatra T111 was a new design for a heavy truck, close to the end of the war. Designed and produced by Tatra for the Wehrmacht, they later produced thousand of these trucks for the Warschauer Pakt.  The Wehrmacht got these all terrain trucks in two versions. One was the standard truck, but with the material and work saving Einheitsführerhaus, the second version as a closed truck. There might be a mistake with translations. If you search in the internet for the Tatra T111, you find the word "Servicewagen". I assume, here the word Werkstattwagen or Instandsetzungswagen would fit better. They used the 3 axis truck for the maintenance troops.
Enough words, here the new trucks. 

The set comes with both versions.
If you like it, you can buy here.