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Culemeyer a very spezial tank Transporter in 1/144

As the war went on, the German tanks gained more and more weight. One big problem besides this fact was that the Germans know only one direction: back home. As they lost more and more battles, they needed vehicles for the tank recovery. At the beginning they could do it with a Famo, but as the Tiger saw action, you already needed 3 Famo for one Tiger. Not very efficiency! Under bad circumstances you needed two Panthers, oh sorry two Bergepanthers, it was not allowed to use fighting tanks for recovery. With the Jagdtiger and the Kingtiger it got much worst. And yes these tanks needed a much more help, as they were not as reliable as the later Panther. For the transport of the Moeser Karl the German Army used a special trailer, from a company called Culemeyer. First designed to bring trains to locations without rails, with an additional plate you could use them for tanks as well. So here is my model of such a Culemeyer trailer. I designed the version with the 6 axis. 
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