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Panther mit Raeumschaufel, Panther with Dozer

By end of the war, Hitler allowed to modify some tanks for a special job. They had to clean the streets. Okay, maybe cleaning is not the right word :-) they had to remove obstacles and tons of the ruins on the streets. I read that old unused Panzer III and Panzer IV should have been used, but in fact, I found pictures of a Panther.
So I designed the Dozer and added it to a F-Toys / Dragon Panther. As I could not find the original turret, I added the one from my latest F-Toys Panther.

Once I find the original turret again, I will change the opening for the gun.

Nebelwerfer in 1/144

After some trials, I have now my first group of Nebelwerfers ready to see action. I tried to do the ammunition 3D as well, but there the dimensions are so small, that it makes not that much sense.

In the next step I will change some details, maybe the wheels, as this is an ongoing problem for me, to draw really good wheels. In this process I will change the axis as well, at the moment it is to big.
So here are the first pictures of my Nebelwerfer group.
If somebody is interested, so please send me a mail or leave a comment.