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here I present my work. I create dioramas in the time period of World War II and everything only in the scale 1/144.
My main focus are tanks but from time to time a take a look at submarines, interesting airplanes and small ships.

Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2018

German 1/144 Armoured Recovery Vehicle new video 50/52

Last weekend I spend again some time with creating a new video. I took all my ARV from the shelfs and created a new video. I hope you like it.

overview of all my 1/144 ARV

Elefant Recovery tank only 3 existed

simple field modification for a Bergepanther

1/144 Bergepanther with 3D printed parts

complete version of a Bergepanther, only the front MG is missing

Henschel D33 with recovery device for softskins

1/144 Famo with spade

Russian T-34 now in German service, field modification

Bergepanzer III, all parts are 3D printed

Hetzer with spade, this was only a unccessful prototype

Culemeyer transport platform

trailer 116 for Famo
buy here or in fine detailed material: buy here

Sonderanhänger 121 Kässbohrer trailer for heavy tanks

a complete set for Tiger transport

an addon set for the Famo

set to change a Panther into a Bergepanther

Sonntag, 25. November 2018

Batterie Gneisenau German Railway gun operated by the Kriegsmarine 49/52

Actually a friend of mine asked me to design the German railway gun Kurze Bruno. I do not know why, but somehow it changed very fast to the so called German Batterie Gneisenau. These were very reliable guns from WWI and found their way to the German railway. Why they are called Gneisenau, I have no idea, I remember the Gneisenau used these 15 cm guns on the side artillery too, but I believe it is just as many Batteries or Bunkers got names.
So these 4 guns were put on platform trailers and used during the WWII in the area of Cherbourg in France. There they got destroyed shortly after D-Day. Special is the fact, that the they got operated by the Kriegsmarine and not by the Wehrmacht.
If you look for pictures from the original gun, then you realize that there are not so many pictures. Finally I was lucky and found some good sources from where I could take the details I missed on the only drawing I found.

Here is the list of all sources I justed:




and here are the first screenshots, the model is at the moment on the way to the printer.

1/144 Batterie Gneisenau
1/144 Batterie Gneisenau, ready to fire

1/144 Batterie Gneisenau
1/144 Batterie Gneisenau, some details of the gun

1/144 Batterie Gneisenau
1/144 Batterie Gneisenau, in travelling position

1/144 Batterie Gneisenau
1/144 Batterie Gneisenau, ready to fire

Freitag, 23. November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

I will you all a happy and peaceful weekend and a beautiful Thanksgiving.
Special wishes I send to Steve in Texas and to all our friends in California.

As business is not my most important task I hope you have time to enjoy the long weekend and do not waste time with shopping.
In one month we have Christmas, so there is still enough time to do a lot of shopping.


One last wish to all British reader who my leave Europe this weekend finally.

Sonntag, 18. November 2018

Schienensicherungszug Blücher a new 1/144 train on its way 47/52

at the moment I try to finalize a new train model for one of the German Panzerzüge.
The waggon is very interesting as it's a combination of German and Russian train material. The main frame is a Russian waggon, built for the Russian Panzer trains. The Germans catched it and built on top a closed cabin with Russian tank turrets. For a short period it was used with a T-70 and T-34 turret, but later it changed to an Panzer IV turret.
If you look for more information, two of these wagons were part of the Sicherungszug Blücher, or Panzerzug 51.

Here some sources, where you can find more information:




And here a preview of my design. I try to get it finished for thanksgiving, what is very competitive.

Panzerzug 51 / Streckensicherungszug Blücher

Streckensicherungszug Blücher

Panzerzug 51

Freitag, 16. November 2018

new movie "my collection of 1/144 mini dioramas 46/52

Actually this was more a fun than a serious project, created on two evenings on the couch.
At the moment I have several small dioramas, all created on the same size of a 3 by 5" painitng canvas. None of them is really finished but on the weekend I took some pictures just for fun. Then I remembered that my wife had done several videos from pictures we had taken on vacations.
The video is done with an app from GoPro. I hope you like it.