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1/144 special transport trailer for Maus, German super tank 42/52

Sometimes everything goes wrong. That is often called Murphy's law.
My Murphy's law has 14 wheels on each side and 3 misfailled prints.

I have designed the Maus Special transport trailer several months ago. Design done, measurements checked and ordered from Shapeways and then I present it here. This time the first print was not correct, so I changed the design to inforce some weak areas and thought, now it will work.
Print # 2 was better, but still far away from perfect or even acceptable. This time even some parts missed completly. So I changed the design again, partly redesigned most of the model new and waited for print numer # 3of the Maus trailer.
By the way, the Reichsbahn had only two of this trailers, the Wehrmacht only two Maus prototypes. At this time I already had more then they ever had. So I redesigned the rest of the model, changed some parts with a complete new design and waited for print # 4.