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8 x 8 Einheitsdiesel or MAN Sperrbrecher, amphibious truck

The Germans made several attempts to standardize all trucks and cars. So one product was the well known Einheitsdiesel. This 6x6 version saw production with all bigger German truck manufacturers.
A very good overview you can find here: overview.

During development they thought about a 8x8 variant as well. Finally they decided to build 4 prototypes of this 8x8 truck. MAN got the order and build the 4 prototypes. Tests were made but somehow it looks like the results were not that convincing that the mass production started. So these 4 trucks left and were converted into so called "Sperrbrecher". Sperrbrecher means something like breaking through a barricade. A bit strange this maning. A bit more information about the 8x8 Sperrbrecher can you read here. There are not that much picture, so here you can see one from the testing in Austria.

It took me awhile to get all needed information and to start with the drawing.
Anyway I have to say, a lot of the dimensions are assumptions as I …

my new 1/144 Brückenbauzug (Bridge building squad)

After some very busy weeks I will show you some of my latest stuff. The pontoon is one of my oldest models I have. So it was time to update it a bit, bringing it to a better level / quality.
As I was in the process of designing some new trailers, I decided to design the pontoon trailer and the trailer for the equipment as well.

1/144 pontoon trailer

So if you are now interested in creating your own platoon, here is a very interesting link about the staff and material:
If you like them and you want to buy them, please look here:
1/144 pontoon trailer:            click me 1/144 plain trailer                   click me 1/144 material trailer              click me 1/144 3 ton standard trailer:  click me