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1/144 Luftwaffe Tankspritze Ts-2.5 auf Henschel 33 34/52

No I am not on vacation but in the last weeks I was a bit lazy, as I had to take care for my garden instead of drawing some new stuff. On my bench are still several half painted models but I decided to start with something totally new. After the Mercedes DL 22 I thought an additional fire engine would be nice.
Therefore I go at the moment with the Henschel D33 and the Tankspritze Ts-2.5.
On Wikipedia you can find some more facts about the history of the Henschel D33.
Ordered by the Luftwaffe, it was used on all German airfields. For some reasons I  could find out why, but according to what I read, not on the African theatre. 
So here some more sources for the Henschel Tankspritze:
Henschel Type 33
here you can find a pdf with some details about the Roco model of the Tankspritze and the real one (only in German)
a video about one of the still existing Tankspritze in Germany

a second video,

And here a first picture form the Henschel Tankspritze