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My new 1/144 Artilleryfährprahm with 3 tone camouflage 13/52

While I painted my first Artilleriefährpram in dark gey, I wanted to get it done asap, so for the sales Version I had to add some improvements to my prototype.
Just an example, I added a wooden floor to several areas and added some more stuff like ladders and rescue boats.
So with all these changes I ordered a new version for myself. After some weeks in my shelf, I started this week with painting it. So the same question raised again, which colour do you want?
The answer I found here:

There you can find guidance to several painting schemas. I decided to go with the version the Kriegsmarine used in Norway.

So far, so good, here you can see my results after nearly one evening painting. Still a lot to do but I come closer. In the next days I will continue painting and will add the first equipment. Maybe I will find this time a crew, taff enough to hire on my small Artilleriefährprahm.

To get an Imagination about a real one, here you can find a…