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1/144 12,8 cm Twin Flak on culemeyer 24/52

Today I present a project which I started two years ago. When CGD announced the 12,8 cm Twin Flak I remembered that in Aberdeen was a Twin Flak on a Culemeyer Transporter. But not that the Culemeyer transported the Flak, no, is was welded on the platform of the Culemeyer. The Culemeyer in the six Wheel Version I just had designed, so an easy conversion. Somehow it took me over two years to finalise everything. So today I present you the finished model with a Little delay.
The painting is different from what you can find on the Internet, but I doubt the painting you can see in Aberdeen. The Culemeyer Trailers never belonged to the Wehrmacht, so they were Maybe in a dark Grey but not painted in Wehrmacht Schema.
Most of the 12.8 Flak had the old grey Coating, so I went with this combination.

Bad luck, I found no Information who used this combination, was it a prototype, a field conversion or where was it found.