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Molch a German unsuccessful Mini submarine

I started with something new, not a tank, nothing in relation with tanks.
I designed a submarine. As there are a lot of German submarines ready to get bought, I designed something more smaller. One of the first German Kleinkampfmittel. These new designs were planed to change the war, as at this time the German army was already on all fronts on the way back.
The Molch was everything but not successfull. Therefore the Germans used them after two attacks for training only.
If you are interested in the history or pictures, please use these two links:

Molch History
Pictures of the Molch

Most times the Hanomag SS 100 was used to bring the subs to the ports. After the design of the submarine I designed the trailer, so that with a tractor, the unit would be flexible. There is a one famous picture, it shows the Molch and a LWS, Landwasserschlepper during the first trails. Here is the old picture:
and with the