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week 52, the year is over, Alles Gute für 2020

As the year comes to an end, I would like to wish you all a happy and peaceful year 2020!

Da sich das Jahr dem Ende zuneigt, wünsche ich Allen ein frohes und gutes neues Jahr 2020!

1/144 German Panzerfähre, a small pocket project 51/52

In my attempt to get my bench cleared, I finalized another diorama. Nothing big, more a small one, but it waited for a long time to get finished.  The Panzerfähre was a prototype which was not high enough, therefore I had the idea to put it into a water scenery. The water I used is from Woodland, nothing special, but very easy to use, no mixing, dries on the air in less than a day. The crew is from Dragon and trains here for some action in Russia.

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waiting for Christmas, some new dioramas addons 50/52

For one of my next projects I needed a simple house. Nothing too big, it should look like a small house in Eastern Europe.  So if you want two similar houses to build up your own village, here we go. Under the German version you can see a small pocket diorama, which comes only with different vehicles.

set of two houses

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deutsche Version
Für eines meiner Wunschdioramen für nächstes Jahr, benötigte ich ein einfaches Haus, nicht zu teuer und schnell zusammenbaubar. Also habe ich ein einfaches Holzhaus gezeichnet und mit der letzten Bestellung dann mal testweise drucken lassen. Die beiden Häuser sind schnell zusammengebaut und auch schnell angemalt. Nachfolgend ein kleines Diorama, welches einfach mit unterschiedlichen Fahrzeugen bestückt wurde.   Wem das Set gefällt, hier gibt es das Modell: Haus

new models from Brengun 49/52

Brengun will soon deliver again some very interesting new models. Here a list, what they will start selling right now:
Culemeyer Four Axles (Plastic model)

all pictures are taken from the newsletter from Hobby search.

A4 Skyhawk Ladder

here the official link for the Brengun homepage:

But if you do not like to work with PE / resin parts and a lot of assembly with small parts, then look here for a nice alternative:

Culemeyer set of 2 with 2 axis

Culemeyer 6 axis with platform

Culemeyer transport set with tractor, 2 small Culemeyers and platform

80 ton tank transporter

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Deutsche Version
Brengun bringt wieder ein paar Neuheiten im Massstab 1/144 raus. Hier die beiden neusten Modelle:
Culemeyer vier Achsen (Bausatz)

alle Fotos sind vom Newsletter der japanischen Firma Hobby Search.

A4 Skyhawk Einsteigsleiter

Hier geht …

M7 Trailer Family + first American radar system // M7 Anhänger + Varianten sowie erster amerikanische Radar 48/52

It is Trailer time!
There are still a lot of trailers, which are missing in the 1/144 world. In the last weeks, I worked on a complete family of trailers. The M7 was the basic design for several sub-groups of trailers for very different use. From the smoke units to make something invisible, to the M7 with the Radar unit on it to detect something. All designs are based on the original American technical handbooks. To the family belong the following pieces:

-          M14 trailer, with canvas

-          Smoke unit

-          SCR-784 Radar unit

-          M22 trailer with enclosed platform

-          M17 with M 55 AA gun

-          M17 with search light

-          M17 with generator

The M55 comes without the tubes, as I thought, everything I can print, is still too thick. Therefore use a very thin piece of plastic or wire and it will look much better.

The second new model is a set, the U-car tractor with the SCR-584 Radar unit on a special trailer. 

pictures comes from here:…

300 ! my first tank commander erstmalig Figuren, Set für deutsche Panzerbesatzung 47/52

Today I celebrate two things at once. 
300 designs and my first figures!
First I publish my 300th model at Shapeways.  Second, I publish my first set of a tank crew in 1/144. I always wanted to do my own soldiers, but my knowledge was simply not good enough; face and hands are very challenging. So I am very happy to present you my first set with a German tank crew. They are intended to be used in open tank copulas. 

Here you get your own 1/144 tank crew: order me
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deutsche Version
auch auf Deutsch freue ich mich heute über 2 Sachen ganz besonders!

Zum einen veröffentliche ich mein 300. Modell und zum anderen, mein erstes Set mit Figuren

Die Idee selbst Figuren zu zeichnen, hatte ich schon länger, aber irgendwie haben meine Kenntnisse und Fertigkeiten in Sketchup nicht ausgereicht. Aber jetzt habe ich mein erstes Set fertig und ich finde die Figuren sehr gelungen. Die Figuren kö…