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new 1/144 models published 29/52

Some days ago I published several new designs on my Shapeways Account Panzerfabrik 144
It has been a while that I had published new models but my job and my garden left me not so much time. But now I have painted them, took pictures and now I can offer them.
So, here what new designs I can offer you for your 1/144 world:
Most new designs are based on the Mercedes 4500 S and A. Mercedes produced this truck in several variants.
Mercedes Maultier with Einheits-Cabin
- Mercedes 4500 S as a train truck
- Mercedes 4500 double pack, two Maultier trucks but with different cabins
- Mercedes Maultier with steel cabin
- Mercedes 4500 truck
Culemeyer 8 axis version to transport any heavy German tank
- Culemeyer 2 axis, short version
- Opel Blitz with AA flak and armored cabin
- 12.8 cm Flak on Reichsbahn platform car
- Faun tank transport set, tractor and trailer in one set
- Barack for Flak crew, redesign based on original plans from the Luftwaffe
- Italian bunker, many of these bunkers are still existing …