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Sd. Anh. 121 Kässbohrer not Culemeyer but a 1/144 tank transporter

It was more an accident than a real plan that I started with this new trailer for tank transportation. I knew a bit about it when I was looking for my Culemeyer trailer. Then I heard, there was another design out, but , year not not too much information was found. So I finished the Culemeyer design and thought that's it. But this weekend I was searching for a French truck, a Bernhard, which was used by the French Army for tank transportation, when I found again my Kässbohrer. There was a discussion that many writers told it a Culemeyer design but it should be a design from the German company Kässbohrer. They are very famous for their buses and - for the "Pistenbully". No idea what a Pistenbully is? Google it, you will be surprised.  In the past Kässbohrer had again designed a heavy tank transporter but for the German Bundeswehr. It is called "Elefant" or and it is a very impressive set, trailer and truck. I believe the official name is "Panzertransporter S…