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here I present my work. I create dioramas in the time period of World War II and everything only in the scale 1/144.
My main focus are tanks but from time to time a take a look at submarines, interesting airplanes and small ships.

Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

Puma-Meeting Somewhere in France in 1944

Once I received my own Pumas from the Panzer Depot, I knew that I needed to build a diorama. Nearly at the same time I got the first German tank crew from German company, Preiser.
So my idea was to build a scene somewhere in France. The Pumas would meet with their commander to get new orders. As a foundation, I decided to go with a wooden picture frame from the big “I”.
The ground is a piece of Styrodur or better kwon in the USA as blue foam. I shaped the terrain with several tools until I had the feeling it would work. The meeting point was a kind of an intersection of two small roads.
I pained everything with brown color, before I clued the grass and the sand on it. For the road I went with some dirty powder I took from a road not far where I live.
For the fence I took small toothpicks. All trees and the green is made with stuff I had at hand. 

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