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here I present my work. I create dioramas in the time period of World War II and everything only in the scale 1/144.
My main focus are tanks but from time to time a take a look at submarines, interesting airplanes and small ships.

Freitag, 27. April 2018

1/144 Jagdpanther somewhere in Belgium 18/52

During the Ardennen Offensive the Germans had 51 Jagdpanther in use. Most of them saw actions in small groups. During the Ardennen Offensive or like the rest of the world calls it, the battle of the bulge, we had a lot of snow. I always wanted to build again a small winter diorama. Grass in different green colours you get on each corner and you see it on 99% of all dioramas. But snow, - that if a total different story. 

The diorama was built on one weekend. Basement is a thin piece of foam board, the frame is from a Swiss cake package, the ruin was built with foam too. The ground was made with a mixture of everything, small stones, sand and a bit of gypsum. The ruins were painted with several dark colours. The Jagdpanther is out of the box, it is the old Cando model.

That's it.

Here is a very good essay about where the Jagdpanthers saw actions / got lost.

General information about the Jagdpanther can be found here or here.

Jagdpanther in an ambush

Jagdpanther hiding in a ruin 

1/144 Jagdpanther

As this was done in less then two days I copied the idea and made a second, very similar diorama.
1-144 Jagdpanther in winter fighting

1-144 Jagdpanther in winter fighting

1-144  Tiger in winter fighting

As you can see on the last picture, not only Jagdpanthers fighted in the Battle of the Bulge, there were although some Tigers. 

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